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Sarangbang Project

A sarangbang is a room located in a traditional Korean house that was historically used for studying, writing poetry, welcoming guests, and other leisure activities. In modern society, it is now seen as a cozy and friendly space for communication and gatherings. In line with today’s interpretation of a sarangbang, the Sarangbang Project is a creative initiative that aims to provide a foundation for cultural exchange and communication with artists of various backgrounds to bring the artistry of traditional Korean culture to Canada. This project encourages harmony and sympathy between performers and audience members, in an intimate space - just like a sarangbang. NKPAD plans to carry out the Sarangbang Project annually in collaboration with artists of different genres and backgrounds to promote Korean dance and traditional culture. 


Sarangbang Project 2023

In-yeon is a Korean word that describes the idea of fate or destiny. It refers to the notion that people are connected through certain causes or links, and that certain events or relationships are predestined or predetermined.

In Korean culture, In-yeon is often associated with the concept of karma, and people may use the term to describe a connection or bond that the feel with someone.

Date and time
Starts on Sat, Jun 3, 2023 4:00 PM EDT

Alumnae Theatre Company,
70 Berkeley Street Toronto, ON M5A 2W6

This performance is one-day only. Don't miss the chance to experience the unique Korean vibe this spring!


Sarangbang Project 2022

The first of the Sarangbang Project, ’숨 - Breathe’, is a production of Korean dance and music performed by Navillera Korean Performing Arts Development (NKPAD) and the fusion band Haneum.

Over the last 2 years, many may have felt restless and suffocated due to the pandemic. In the spring of 2022, as people come up for a breath of fresh air and begin returning to their daily lives once again, we would like to deliver a message of hope through a harmony of dance and melodies.

‘숨 - Breathe’ is an opportunity for audience members to immerse themselves in the beauty of Korean dance and music through the performers' delicate and elegant movements, expressions, and harmony. 

Highlight moments from Sarangbang Project 2022